Monday, 6 July 2015

Mobile Application for employees Location Tracking

In short it's GPS base Location Tracking of employees & 
Field Staff Online Reporting Mobile Application.  

Vayak online staff care Mobile Apps Development has certainly come of age nowadays, according to popular demand, more and more innovative apps are being created. Likewise our company has also developed a unique, useful, multipurpose and Cost Effective Application which can be used in corporate by senior level management to track their field employees like Sales, Service and Engineers etc. other than that it can also be used for online entries of various reports.

This mobile application has various features in it like the authorized person can track the employee who is in visit. Suggest him the right direction to travel to reduce the travelling cost of the company as well as to provide a fast customer service in servicing Industries Company can use this app to track person nearer to the location. Other benefit of this application is employee can submit expense, travel reports, client list, status of the client etc. online. He can also take a leave online through application and authorized person can approve it. Employee can start his work from home by informing the management online through application and for that he is no more required to come to office for punching his attendance and then go for the field work. All employee location tracking application software and getting a fieldstaff online reporting.

This was the glance of the application in short but there is still more in the application which solves the problems faced by the each and every company in the market. This application helps to save lots of money of the organization which can be used for the other betterment of the company besides being wasted by the employee by providing false attendance and expense report.